Dr. David F. Felsburg, Ph. D. Pastor, Teacher, Author, Evangelist
Jesus Said, "Follow me and I will make you Fishers of Men"
How God Gets You Back

How God Gets You Back

by Dr. David F. Felsburg, Ph. D.

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Salvation is an integral part of faith, yet there are questions about how it can be achievedhow Christ can win you back. Is salvation a single event with eternal ramifications? Is it a process based on how one lives in this life? Or is salvation granted only at a final judgment, when God determines one's eternal dwelling place? The questions surrounding salvation are some of the most divisive issues in Christianity.


In How God Gets You Back, author Dr. David F. Felsburg discusses the fundamental doctrine of redemption as documented in the Bible and described by religious scholars of all Christian denominations. Dr. Felsburg lays out the easily understood results of research and analysis to document and resolve issues surrounding this doctrine. He also highlights significant agreement between scholars of mainstream Christian denominations, once thought to have fundamental disagreements on the character of His redemption.


A follow-up to Talkin' about ChristOver the Back Fence, How God Gets You Back is Dr. Felsburg's continued attempt to bring attention and clarification to issues facing Christianity today.