Dr. David F. Felsburg, Ph. D. Pastor, Teacher, Author, Evangelist
Jesus Said, "Follow me and I will make you Fishers of Men"
Making the Little MUCH


by Dr. David F. Felsburg, Ph. D. 

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Making the Little Much was awarded FIRST PLACE in the Ministry Category for the 2015 Christian Author's Book Contest out of thousands competing. 

God has provided people all around us with spiritual gifts that often go unrecognized and unused throughout the best years for their effective ministries.  Each is especially gifted by the Creator for making small group Bible studies larger.  In Making the Little Much, author Dr. David F. Felsburg shows how to find, identify, develop, and use these special people to prepare small groups for exceptional growth.

Dr. Felsburg describes the adult small group growth ministry and includes detailed job descriptions and functional insights for each leadership position in those small groups.  He also examines a biblical model in considering all the
necessary ministries a leader might implement for the small group members; shows how the successful group can become a breeding place for the development of future leaders in administration, outreach, social connectivity,
and small group leadership; and considers the natural temptation for the leader to burn out by ministering to a larger group than he should.  Making the Little Much also offers techniques for maintaining the discussion and learning advantages of the interactive small group while allowing its size to grow significantly. 

In addition to the adult small group model for growth, Dr. Felsburg provides required detail for adapting the adult applications to singles, youth, children, preschool and cradle roll ministries.  In the children's areas, he adds breakthrough methodologies for determining and applying learning modality preference for grouping the children to match their learning styles. A unique survey is included to supply questions or observations of the children to determine their prefered learning modality.  
This study presents a biblical model for leading small group-Sunday school, church training, or Bible study-into serious growth for the Lord.  Author of Talking About Christ, How God Gets You Back, and Profiling the Prospect;
Dr. Felsburg mixes careers in the military, government systems design, executive management, and entrepreneurial leadership of four companies with a thirty-five-year bivocational pastoral ministry.