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Preview: 90 Seconds

The President Had Ninety Seconds

The President Had Ninety Seconds:  A Thermonuclear Holocaust Awaited is a fictional account based on actual events that took place in the 1979 – 80 Cold War setting as told by an actual participant.  On 9 November 1979, the missile warning alarms sounded throughout the Cheyenne Mountain Complex near Colorado Springs, CO.  The giant, wall-sized display screens in the 427M Missile Warning System’s Command Post announced 250 enemy missile launches detected by US surveillance satellites 23,000 miles in space.  The missiles were launched from within the Soviet Union’s boundaries and had projected impact points on major population centers and attack retaliation facilities throughout the North American Continent. 

Long-range B-52 bombers at Air Force bases and nuclear missiles in silos across the US started their countdown sequences for immediate take-off or launch.  Bomber pilots already flying race-track patterns within striking range of predesignated primary and secondary targets within the USSR were ordered to open their sealed, Top Secret orders and proceed to “fail-safe” positions to prepare for delivery of their nuclear payloads.  Nuclear retaliation forces had to be launched before incoming enemy missiles could reach them.  The President had just ninety seconds to authorize launching our retaliatory resources if they were to survive the initial attack.

The President Had Ninety Seconds tells the story of the preparation, execution and real-time responses to these terrible events as experienced by an Air Force officer deep within the granite walls of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex.  No time remained for philosophical pontification or considerations of what might have been.  Delay on the part of any team member could place US retaliatory forces at risk and our nation’s survival in peril.  Global thermonuclear war will destroy everything about mankind’s current way of life.  This story is particularly relevant as recent international events make the resurgence of the 1960s Cold War environment imminent.