Dr. David F. Felsburg, Ph. D. Pastor, Teacher, Author, Evangelist
Jesus Said, "Follow me and I will make you Fishers of Men"
Talkin' About Christ

by Dr. David F. Felsburg, Ph. D.

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Dr. Felsburg provides a unique approach to evangelism training in Talkin’ about Christ – Over the Back Fence. The book is designed to integrate the disciplines of engineering, theology and human behavior analysis to examine where a person is in his or her journey toward Christ and formulate an action plan for closing the gap. The first ten chapters deal with applying well know Christian materials as instruments for measuring a prospect’s current beliefs as a launching pad for helping them advance toward Christ. The second ten chapters address the interpretation of prospect responses and the application of those responses to a plan for tracking the progress of the unbelievers over the next several days, weeks or months.